Tommy's, Noke's Are Not Even In the Pizza Game


I want to start off by saying that I enjoyed the column, "The Harvard Pizza Wars," by Dan S. Aibel (March 4). He did a good job of outlining the controversy. However, he only hinted at the real crux of the matter. And it is a point that painfully eludes most of the undergraduate community. With all the rigmarole about who's the better of Tommy's and Noke's, few stop to realize: they're both pretty bad. This is a statement that I might be hesitant to make in the company of my fellow classmates, in fear of being hounded as a heretic. But I feel that I can say it to Aibel, and shall find sympathy. Surely someone who has experienced Antonio's of Amherst, as well as New York pizza, knows that the pizza of the Square is painfully off the mark. --Jeremy Lizt '97