Phi Beta Kappa Recognizes 24 Juniors' Scholastic Success

Twenty-four juniors were recently recognized for their outstanding academic performance by Phi Beta Kappa, an academic honor society.

"I think of it as a great honor," said Ramesh O. Johari '98, a math concentrator who was selected to join the Alpha chapter of the academic honor society. "It's one of those things that's a nice piece of luck that comes along and reflects ... hard work over [the] years."

Women are selected to join the Iota Chapter of the society. The names of the 24 selected students were announced on Wednesday.

Fifty-three juniors received letters shortly before Spring Break, notifying them that they were being considered for admission to the society.

The nominations were based solely on grade-point averages, said Rebecca L. Waltman, assistant to Dean of the College Harry R. Lewis '68.

After they were nominated, students had to submit two letters of recommendation from faculty members.

A selection committee composed of undergraduate Phi Beta Kappa members from the past three years, as well as faculty Phi Beta Kappa alumni, then reviewed the nominee's information.

Selection into Phi Beta Kappa is based on "purely academic" qualities, said Sarah E. Jackson '98, who was selected into the society.

"I am very happy," Aurelio A. Teleman '98 said of his selection. "I am very appreciative of all the help that I have gotten from ... friends and teachers."

Teleman, a biochemical sciences concentrator, said he hopes to conduct biological research and become a professor some day.

An additional 48 seniors will be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa in the fall, and 48 seniors will be inducted before commencement, Waltman said.

The 24 juniors will be inducted in a ceremony on May 1, in the Hastings room of Pforzheimer House, according to Teleman.

Inductees will also receive a book of their choice costing up to $30, said Caroline R. Sherman '98, a history concentrator. The selected juniors must pay $40 to join the society according to Joshua H. McDermott '98-'97 who holds a special concentration in brain and cognitive science.

The 24 honored juniors are: Charlene S. Ahn '98, Ahmet S. Berker '98, Agnes Dunogue '98, David F. Elmer '98, Narenda K. Ghosh '98, Clifford M. Ginn '98, Robin S. Goldstein '98, Carrie E. Grimes '98, James M. Higbie '98, Jackson, Johari, David A. Lambert '98, Kenneth Y. Liu '98, Jay P. Makadia '98, David W. Marcus '98, McDermott, Karthik Muralidharan '98, David E. Petrain '98, Jinesh N. Shah '98, Sherman, Shirin A. Sinnar '97, Darlene Smith '98, Teleman and Brant K. Wong '98