The Field Guide: Art in Boston



560 Harrison Ave., 4th Floor (T: Broadway)

Wed-Sat: 12-5 p.m.


This stalwart cooperative gallery, founded in 1974, shows the work of its members along with the occasional outsider. While some of the members work in sculpture, photography and digital imagery, painting is dominant, representational, abstract expressionist and in-between. I think of art-teacher art and art-student art as the two basic varieties of middling art; much of the art here has the sluggish, hard-earned competence of the art teacher. Bromfield is not to be sniffed at, however; Dale Kaplan's recent exhibition of paintings on Mexican chewing-gum boxes was very enjoyable.

Through Dec. 18: Still Life, 1999 (Lucy Barber, Myrna Beecher, Joseph Byrne and others)


39 Thayer St. (T: Broadway)

Wed-Sun: 12-5 p.m.


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