Just Don't Do It


I enjoy a good protest as much as the next guy, but today's mass demonstration in the Yard is unlikely to accomplish any good.

While I support the Coalition Against Sexual Violence, their cause is best furthered by reasoned discussion with administrators, not through shouting and placards.

As for sweatshops and wages, I am far less sympathetic. I cannot help but chuckle when the staff calls sweatshops one of "society's gravest ills." Surely such labor is unpleasant and progress can be made toward improving overseas working conditions, but this is hardly one of the great struggles of our time.

On the question of the living wage, I only wish the PSLM had a basic knowledge of economics. If subcontractors have to raise the wages of those workers that are sent to Harvard, they may very well compensate by hiring fewer people or depressing the wages of their employees at other locales.

Progressives on this campus have long been hankering for reason to stage an old-fashioned public demonstration. Sadly, nothing on the agenda today really fits the bill. Sorry kids, the war in 'Nam is over.