Dorm Crew Slump Leads Quincy to Hire Janitors

House residents applaud move to improve service

The bathrooms in Quincy House have a new look--a clean one.

Following the lead of Leverett House last week, Quincy has enlisted the services of UNICCO--a nationwide maintenance and janitorial company--

to supplement Dorm Crew restroom cleaning in its New Quincy dorms.

Five UNICCO workers began their services yesterday, pleasing many Quincy House residents.

"We've had [the restrooms] cleaned maybe twice since September, so I'm all for it," said one Quincy House resident.

"I just saw them, and they're pretty spotless," she added.

The service will continue once a week on Thursdays for a month. At that time, Quincy House will re-evaluate the cleaning situation and decide whether or not to continue using the service, according to Quincy House Superintendent Ronald W. Levesque.

Dorm Crew has suffered from a shortage of workers all year, causing many students to live with unclean bathrooms for weeks because of the sporadic service.

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