Space Crunch

Harvard undergraduates have long been accustomed to trekking across Cambridge to reach upperclass dorms in the Quad or the first-year Union Dorms far removed from the Yard.

Now once self-contained graduate schools are sending their students from the banks of the river to Mass. Ave.--class commutes longer than these students are accustomed to.

Space has long been at a premium in Cambridge, and schools do not have the luxury of constructing neatly self-contained campuses but instead must take class and office space where it becomes available.

With more and more applicants, schools have begun to accept greater numbers of students. And, as a consequence, these students must trek further and further from their home base.

The John F. Kennedy School of Government has resorted this year to placing a large map in its lobby showing the locations of the half-dozen buildings that are housing Kennedy School classes and research programs.

"The school has expanded dramatically over last 4 or 5 years," says Jesus Mena, spokesperson for the Kennedy School. "This is really making it clear to everybody that this is the campus. We're still one community."

The Frustrations

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