Seton and Seton

Call him the George W. Bush of North Yard.

While it won't be until November 7 that voters will decide if the Bush family name will return to the White House, the Undergraduate Council already has a new right-leaning politico with a familiar name.

Eliah Z. Seton '04--the brother of former council president Noah Z. Seton '00--earned the most votes of any candidate in the first-year North Yard this year.

The two Setons are best friends, Eliah Seton says, and they both selected the student affairs committee as their council choice.

So is Eliah Seton destined to rise to the top of the council, like his brother? He is the first to say that it's far too early to tell. But his close friends say he may have what it takes to be council president.


Each Seton brother, according to Eliah Seton, is the other' s best friend.

Both began running for elective office while attending the Horace Mann School in the Bronx.

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