Removal of Widener Crane Delayed Until Start of Thanksgiving Vacation

The yellow crane hovering over Widener Library is now slated to be removed over Thanksgiving break.

The Crimson reported last week that the crane would be taken down this past weekend.

But due to Freshman Parents' Weekend, the administration anticipated a Yard full of visitors and decided it would be more difficult to remove the crane, said Harvard Capital Projects Manager Jeffrey J. Cushman '69 said.

"We changed the schedule and did not want it to conflict with parents' weekend," he said.

The Thanksgiving vacation will provide an optimal time to remove the crane, said Beth S. Brainard, director of communications for the Harvard College Library.

"We wanted the area to be as clear as possible, and it would be harder to take the crane down when it was more full of people," she said.

Tanya F. Perkins '04, a resident of Wigglesworth Hall, said the looming crane makes her nervous.

During parents' weekend, her father asked about the crane and hoped it would be taken down during Thanksgiving vacation when no one will be here, Perkins said.

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