Roving Reporter: What's the worst thing about Valentine's Day?

"Breaking up with your girlfriend. I just had a breakup and Valentine's Day was our anniversary. I'm single now.

--Isaiah J. Kacyvenski '00

"When you have no money and you have to buy a dozen roses."

--Jesse R. Elzinga '01

"Bitter people that bring Valentine's Day down for the rest of us. They're basically Valentine's Day grinches."

--Adeyemi K. Delbridge '00

"The mass consumption of those annoying little sugary hearts."

--Amanda J. Perwin '02

"The expectations women have to get the most meaningful gift. I went pretty hardcore during Christmas, and so now I can't go down a level."

--Chuck U. Nwokocha '01

"My boyfriend is somewhere else. And instead of a real valentine, he'll send me an e-card. And a virtual bouquet."

--Christina S. Henry '00