Yard Burglar Returns to Cambridge for Trial

After a three-month absence, the convicted Yard Burglar returned to Harvard in handcuffs and a bright orange sweatshirt early this morning after an overnight trip from a California jail.

Andre K. Stuckey, Jr. was visibly tired as he was led into the headquarters of the Harvard University Police Department shortly after midnight this morning.

The extradition of Stuckey back to Cambridge marked the first time in departmental memory that HUPD has transported someone across state lines to stand trial. Police officials said asking for his return to Cambridge was an easy decision to make.

"We felt Mr. Stuckey had taken advantage of some leniency he had been given," said HUPD Chief Francis D. "Bud" Riley said. "We convinced the district attorney it was worth bringing him back so he could get his just sanctions."

Stuckey allegedly stole wallets from Matthews Hall even after being released on probation for an earlier Yard break-in in December.

"He committed an additional criminal act the day he was released," HUPD spokersperson Peggy A. McNamara said. "He fled [to California] on a Harvard student's money."

HUPD says Stuckey was voluntarily brought back to Cambridge, after waiving an extradition hearing in Los Angeles.

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