Fifteen Minutes: Harvard Band on the Rise, Again

Pforzheimer House won the heroic dining hall battle against Adams. But the bragging rights don't stop there--PfoHo now has a band named after it.

"North House," the original name of PfoHo, inspired the denomination. Originally composed of Al Bennett '00 and Wellesley senior Becky Warren, the two have since expanded, picking up guitarist Altay M. Guvench '03 and the man on the keys, Jose L. Sandoval '00.

Bennett and Warren met through each other's roommates while they were dating a couple of years ago. The two blended their southern backgrounds and musical passion and, with the help of some local rhythmical talents, this self-proclaimed "Do It Yourself" band produced their first album, entitled "Two Stories." For their CD release celebration, North House held a couple gigs--one at Wellesley and one at Harvard. Attempting to spice up the already wild aura of Hanover, New Hampshire, the two also played local taverns at Dartmouth one summer.

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