Roving Reporter: What is the Meanest Thing You've Ever Written on a CUE Guide Evaluation?

"This has contributed nothing to my life whatsoever."

--Shana M. Starobin '00

"My friend wrote, 'While Professor X is possibly the nicest professor I have had at Harvard, she is stupendously incompetent.' And then he proceeded to give her all ones."

--Simon L. Sternin '01

"I sometimes wonder why I'm paying such a hefty tuition for a TF who does not even prepare for section. But then I remember that the pace is so slow I don't need to come anyhow. This class needs help now!"

--Alison J. Porter '02

"Jim Davis is a used cars salesman."

--Adam B. Scheur '01

"For 'Would you recommend this class?' I said in capitol letters, 'Absolutely not. The professor is uninsightful, boring and a dork."

--Marc A. Wallenstein '02

"I wrote yesterday that I wish he would have more eye contact with his students and less with his hand."

--Humayun Khalid '01