Discrimination Suit Postponed

A Harvard School of Public Health lecturer's gender discrimation and sexual harassment suit against the University, originally scheduled to go to jury trial on June 12, has been postponed until August.

Tamara E. Awerbuch's case--the first case of gender discrimination and sexual harassment against the University to go to jury trial--was delayed at the discretion of the Middlesex County Superior Court.

Both Awerbuch and University officials said that they were disappointed that the trial will drag on.

"I was disappointed that the trial did not begin as scheduled, especially considering that it has been in the works now for several years," Awerbuch said.

The lawsuit was originally filed in June 1997.

Vice-President and General Counsel Anne Taylor, the University's head lawyer, also expressed dismay at the delay.

"I'd kind of like to get it over with, myself," she said. "We certainly didn't do anything wrong with respect to Dr. Awerbuch."

In the suit, Awerbuch alleged that, despite being fully qualified, she was passed over for promotions and denied tenure-track positions.

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