After Five Years, Grafton Shuts Its Doors

A simple, printed sign hangs in Grafton Street's darkened windows.

"Regretfully, we are forced to close our doors," the sign reads. "To our loyal patrons, we warmly thank you. This restaurant has been a great experience for us."

Grafton's patrons had one last chance to bid the bar a rowdy farewell before Saturday's quiet closing. Both Thursday and Friday night, lines for dinner seating extended out the door.

The mood was bittersweet Friday night as hordes of students and local residents crowded into the smoke-filled bar.

Arlington resident Nicole Gounaris brought about 15 friends and co-workers with her to wish Grafton Street farewell. Gounaris, sipping a margarita, says she was hit hard by the establishment's departure.

She said she planned to stay Friday night until the bar closed.

"It's just so sad. This place is so great," she says. "Their Long Island iced tea is the best in the city and the service is amazing. I'm definitely going to miss it."

BF: Moving On Out

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