Visiting Faculty Exhibition at Wellsley


Therese Zemlin

Jewett Art Center Gallery

Through April 1, 2001

Wellesley College


If enormous paper tubers and unlit paper lanterns excite you, head to Wellesley College to see Therese Zemlin's Visiting Faculty Exhibition. If you can imagine living a full life without ever seeing these objects spinning from the ceiling, save yourself an inconvenient ride on the commuter rail.

Located in the heart of Wellesley's campus this exhibition is comprised of two pieces. Similar in structure and function, the only real difference between the two works of art that hang in this one room gallery is their color scheme. Zemlin made the first in varying shades of cream, the second in vibrant primary colors.

The works are simple. In each piece tubers fall from a bicycle wheel attached to a fan motor in the ceiling and cascade to the floor. The foot-like paper balls that hang just above the floor make the tubers look like legs, and give the impression that one could be looking at a giant arachnid.

And then with a flip of a switch the works begin to spin. Suddenly the pieces look like a carousel or the flying swing ride at fairs. The soft light in the room produces a moving shadow on the white walls, and the shadows combined with the airy room give the gallery a summery feel. For a minute, you stop, stare and smile.

But that's it. One tranquil moment is all these works provide.