Timeline: 1972-1976

September 1, 1972: Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology Martina S. Horner assumes Radcliffe presidency. She presides over a Radcliffe dealing with the aftermath of the “non-merger merger,” which gave Harvard control of Radcliffe’s daily operations and finances.

September 1, 1972: Women integrate the Yard as 200 reside in five freshmen dorms.

September 28, 1972: A record 600 students enroll in Chemistry 20: Organic Chemistry, surpassing the 1971 figure by almost 300 students. The grade a pre-med receives in the course is thought to be the decisive factor in medical school admissions.

October 3, 1972: A Registrar from the Board of Elections comes to Harvard to argue with students about their commitment to the state of Massachusetts. Three students were not allowed to register to vote and over 100 students left due to the long line.

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