Display of American Flag Stirs Campus Debate

Laura K. Cobb

Many Houses have chosen to display American flags in the wake of last week's tragedy.

Red, white and blue are joining crimson as the colors of Harvard’s campus, as students turn to patriotism in the aftermath of Tuesday’s attacks.

America’s colors have become ubiquitous on campus, as University students and Boston locals have followed a national lead in turning to patriotism as a coping mechanism.

The stars and stripes can be seen everywhere, from the ribbons on the lapels of dining hall workers to the dashboards of cars darting through the Square.

Large flags are on display at Quincy, Cabot, Pforzheimer and Leverett Houses, and House-wide movements to display flags have begun.

This widespread patriotic reaction has brought fear to some, comfort to others—and has prompted debate in an unlikely place.