Pad : Cabot 6-man suite Before that : Philadelphia suburbs Ideal mate : She’ll be intelligent, not too sweet. No

Pad: Cabot 6-man suite

Before that: Philadelphia suburbs

Ideal mate: She’ll be intelligent, not too sweet. No bullshit about her. Pretty eyes,and a nice smile.

Another Saturday Night: Partying at an “ultimate” (Frisbee) party somewhere along the east coast.

First date: Super burrito at Anna’s Taqueria in Porter Square.

Tatyana Ali or Natalie Portman: Definately Natalie. I was in her freshman entryway and even though we weren’t close she’s Queen Amidala.

Flirting technique: Flashing my charming smile.

Best Line: This girl asked me what I was doing for the summer and I said caddying. She said I’d be making a lot of money, and then I asked her if I could spend my money on her.

Favorite Song: “Livin on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

Senior girl or Freshman girl: A senior girl because they’re more sophisticated and less high schoolish. A senior girl would be less demanding on my time.

Biggest Harvard Regret: I broke my ankle freshman year running on a snowy night around the river. It was terrible.