Love It or Hate It

Special couple edition!!!

Why “Friends” Rocks

Michael F. Gensheimer ’05

“Friends” is one of those shows that you can come back to after a while and still enjoy, even though you don’t know what’s going on. I mean, who cares if I don’t know that Rachel is pregnant? I can still pretend to know that she is and laugh at all the jokes anyway. There is one thing I have to confess, though. Due to my poor memory, and lack of consistent watching, I always decide that Ross and Monica should get together; I mean, Rachel doesn’t really deserve Ross anyway! My friends always dash my hopes when they remind me that they are siblings. I think the writers should have definitely avoided that, but who am I to say?

Why “Friends” Sucks

Julia E. Twarog ’05

Mostly, I hate their apartments. They’re huge! And they never work and buy really expensive clothes, especially Rachel. The whole Monica-Chandler interaction is also completely bogus. The plots are all so far-fetched, and the punchline of every joke is some trite remark about Phoebe’s flightiness or Joey’s womanizing. The fact that they all sleep with each other and act like it’s no big deal is also a little strange. And why do Ross and Rachel keep getting back together? Could it be that they’re both so annoying that no one else in the world will take them in? The one thing I can say for the show is that at least Monica and Ross haven’t slept far as we know!