Harvard vs. Yale

In the pre-game calculations, Harvard has the decisive edge no matter what the category

Harvard students are well aware of the countless ways in which our students, education and city are far superior to those of Yale. But as a reminder—and for the benefit of the hapless Elis making their way into beautiful Cambridge this weekend—The Crimson Staff has collected some lesser known, and often under-appreciated, face-offs between Harvard and the clearly inferior institution we call our rival.

Pride of the College:

Harvard: TR, Class of 1880; FDR, Class of 1904; JFK, Class of 1940.

Yale: Dubya.

Edge: Harvard


Harvard: 366 years of illustrious intellectual history.

Yale: A lock company.

Edge: Harvard

Every Student Should Have:

Harvard: An understanding of science, literature and the “ways of thinking.”

Yale: A gun.

Edge: Harvard

Football Star:

Harvard: NFL prospect Carl Morris ’03.

Yale: Star? Football?