A Brief Interview With Scott Wolf

FM caught up with erstwhile “Party of Five” star Scott Wolf at Friday night’s First Annual Dance Marathon for Pediatric AIDS to ask him a few questions about dancing, marathons and what it means to be a teen idol.

FM: What’s it like to be on the dance marathon circuit?

Scott Wolf: It’s great, the energy is so much fun to be around, it’s really uplifting.

FM: Yes, but do you dance?

Wolf: Oh yeah, not tonight because I’m pretty tired, but at Northeastern I jumped into a mosh pit.

FM: Are you all dance and no marathon?

Wolf: (laughs) I’ve never done a marathon before, but I’m actually training for the NYC marathon for next fall.

FM: How do you like me—er, Boston?

Wolf: I love it here. I’m doing a play down at the Huntington Street Theater. I was born in Newton, so it’s nice to be back.

—C.E. Dube