A Night Out

I’m Looking for Some Sweet Non-Harvard Lovin’:FM’s Billy U. Rock checks out bars at other schools

Boston contains numerous colleges, which means it also contains numerous college bars. Yet, sadly, too many of us restrict our imbibing experiences to the one-mile radius around the Square that stretches from the People’s Republik (if you venture to Central Square) to Temple Bar (if you are banished to the Quad). But this need not be so. Undergraduates, rejoice: A short T ride, $5 cab or 10-minute drive (designated, please) brings students to a fifth-dimensional place where people almost like us inhabit bars nearly the same as our own. For those not so intrepid to explore on thier own, never fear: FM did the legwork, providing the best tips for expanding Harvardians’ barhopping repertoires—and dating pools.

Boston College: GREAT SCOTT

1222 Comm. Ave., Allston

T: Harvard Avenue (Green Line B)

It’s hard not to feel sorry for the bands that play at Great Scott. The inattentive audience is transfixed either by the TVs blaring around the bar or by the pick-up lines being seductively thrown at them by the opposite sex.

While the band makes some damn fine music, the predominantly BC jock crowd—dragging BC girls in small shirts and tight pants behind them—concentrates on finding a late-night mate. Still, waitress service makes getting a drink quicker and easier than it ever was at the Grille and $1 drafts on Wednesday nights make the price right.

Equivalent Harvard bar: The bygone Crimson Sports Grille with live music and some real live upperclassmen.


247 Elm St., Davis Square, Somerville

T: Davis

While the façade and quiet front room resemble those of a traditional Irish pub, the back bar and its dance floor are quite another scene. Tufts students and a few locals relax at some of the readily available tables in the front room; those who wish to see and be seen make their way through the line to the back room, where backwards white baseball caps abound. The young clientele and pushy mob around the bar may remind some upperclassmen of nights at the late Crimson Sports Grille, particularly as Tufts girls dressed to the nines sashay around Tufts guys pretending not to notice.

Elbows may have to be thrown to get a table, but a better bet is standing and swaying to the music radiating from the back room. Every Thursday night features live eighties music, though be warned: it’s the same eighties band every Thursday, so be prepared to live on a prayer week in and week out.

Equivalent Harvard bar: Hong Kong, with sportier attire and a cover band


305 Memorial Dr. (located in the basement of Ashdown House), Cambridge

T: Kendall