Gadgets—If You've Got The Ca$h

Sennheiser PXC250 Noise-Canceling Headphones ($129 at When your hobbit-obsessed roommate is watching Lord of the Rings for the 46th time, these babies will be your lifesavers. They’ve got super-soft cushioning, extra-powerful bass—and yes, highly effective noise-canceling circuitry. Put these on, close your eyes, and enjoy the serenity of absolute quiet.

Lomo ActionSampler 2.0 ($30 at Forget digital. This crazy camera uses good ol’ 45mm film. Four lenses snap in rapid succession to give you four different images on one frame. Cooler than you can imagine—and only $30.

Harman Multimedia JBL Creature ($129 at Alien pods or computer hardware? The JBL Creature is hands down the most stylish speaker system available for PCs. These little guys land on your desk and provide surprisingly high-quality sound. A mothership subwoofer stays on the ground and provides solid dorm-room party bass. With three sexy colors to choose from—brushed-steel silver, metallic blue and white— these are the must-have speakers for all you pimped-out computer nerds.