Earlier this month, Brandon Kivi, 15, was suspended from Caney Creek High in Conroe, Texas after he attempted to save the life of his girlfriend.  

Time that Kivi’s girlfriend spent wheezing uncontrollably in an asthmatic fit before he administered medicine to her through his own asthma inhaler: 5 Minutes

Time that Kivi has spent on suspension for “transfer of an illicit drug”: 20,160 Minutes

Prisoner Willie Chapman received permission from the Ohio Board of Corrections to delay his scheduled parole by one day so he could attend a prison meeting of the Promise Keepers, a religious based group that focuses on self-betterment.

Time after Chapman’s decision that his “inspirational story” of renewed faith made local headlines:

1,440 Minutes

Time that Chapman will now remain in prison after the press coverage alerted his manslaughter victim’s family of his impending release, prompting them to request the appeal board reaffirm his original sentence:

1,427,040 Minutes

In September, Thomas Martin McGouey, 51, of Knoxville, Tennessee attempted to commit suicide by pointing a loaded gun at police officers and provoking them to shoot him.

Time that Knoxville police spent shooting at the armed McGouey, who stood motionless as they fired with a bulls-eye painted on his forehead: 3 Minutes

Time that McGouey spent hospitalized after the police failed to strike him with 27 of the 28 bullets fired at him and then succeeded only in grazing his shoulder with the final shot: 360 Minutes

Last week, Wayne Leonard Hoffman, 45, was arrested for driving under the influence, even though at the time of his arrest he was outside of his car in the parking lot of a gas station.

Time that Hoffman spent trying to add air to his vehicle’s tires using a gas station vacuum cleaner before police suspected he was intoxicated: 4 Minutes

Time Hoffman spent vacuuming his car prior to his arrest: 0 Minutes