Chemistry Professor Garners Prize for Nanotech Innovation

Hyman Professor of Chemistry Charles M. Lieber recently received this year’s World Technology Award for Materials for his work in nanotechnology.

The London-based World Technology Network (WTN) is an exclusive international group that presents annual awards in 20 areas of science to individuals and corporations. The awards are judged by peers on the basis of significance in the field and and future good to society.

Nanotechnology involves using atoms and molecules to create microscopic materials including wires and tubes. Such nanowires are useful in computers, and the carbon nanotube tips Leiber is working on have application in biomolecular imaging.

In a statement to the WTN after receiving the nomination, Lieber said his work had focused on “fundamental and unique properties of nanoscale wires” and the development of applications to use these materials.

“I am especially proud of doing just this—taking my innovative fundamental science towards creation of key devices needed for nanotechnology,” he wrote.

Lieber recently founded a nanotechnology company, NanoSys, which he hopes will help him to pursue his life-long goal of “carry[ing] out research that will change society and human well-being for the better.”


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