Reports Differ in Canaday Incident

Summer school student says he was pushed through a window

One week after an incident in which two Harvard Summer School students were injured in falling through a broken Canaday window, the two injured students continue to point fingers at each other over responsibility for the incident.

One of the two students who fell through the window is refuting the other student’s claim, reported by The Crimson last week, that the altercation was a “mistake.”

Justin Feldman said that Zachariah Germaniuk did not trip and accidentally knock Feldman into the window. “He threw me out the window,” Feldman said.

One acquaintance of both students said Thursday that Harvard has responded to the incident by placing Germaniuk on probation for the rest of the summer, and has imposed no discipline on Feldman. Administration officials declined to comment on that report.

Feldman rejected the notion that tripping would have caused him to break through the glass window.

And though Germaniuk asserted last week that the floor had been strewn with custodial supplies, Feldman said there had only been a single broom lying on the floor, and that Germaniuk did not trip over it.

“I know what a push feels like, and I was pushed through that window,” he said.

Feldman said he sustained injuries on his legs and head, where he had to receive several stitches.

In addition, he said he never struggled against what he described as Germaniuk’s sudden action. According to Feldman, he had been holding onto his math textbook and notes, which were so bloodied afterwards that they had to be discarded.

Germaniuk had said last week that the altercation began after Feldman had pinched a female classmate on the buttocks while she was taking a drink of water from a fountain.

Germaniuk said the woman appeared upset as a result of the action, and that he and a friend, Marshall Roch, told Feldman to stop. Feldman had responded, he claimed, by advancing toward Roch.

Feldman has offered a very different account, however. Feldman said the female student was actually one of his best friends on campus, and that he did not think she took offense.

“I was joking around with her and she knew it,” he said. “I told Zach right on the spot, ‘She’s one of my good friends here and I was just joking around with her.’”

Germaniuk’s roommate Josh Parks, who was present immediately before the incident, said he agreed with Feldman’s account.

“She wasn’t really upset,” Parks said. “It was just a friendly type of thing.”

Germaniuk said he thought that the woman “seemed very agitated,” and he inferred that she was upset because of “the look in her eyes, the motion to get away from Justin.”