Gadfly: The Week in Buzz

The New Face of FM Gossip: Stinging Rumor, Swollen Innuendo


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, who argued against legalizing sodomy, is apparently a bigger fan of getting ass than we thought.

The arch-conservative justice defiled a usually-staid Institute of Politics forum last week, saying for the sake of argument that perhaps “sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged.”

Scalia —who usually prefers the Socratic method to the rhythm method—stopped short of proposing a ménage-a-trois with Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the newly single Nancy Reagan, but we have to wonder: Does Scalia use any of those ‘judicial restraints’ he’s always yapping about?

—Michael M. Grynbaum and Zachary M. Seward


Watching shitty football teams play each other isn’t exactly our idea of a weekend well-spent. That’s why the Ivy League gods created the Harvard-Yale tailgate—a chance for socially awkward and sexually repressed poindexters to trade glasses for beer goggles and sloppy problem sets for attempts at sloppy sex.

Unfortunately, this year Harvard’s bigwigs are running some blocking against its students’ efforts for a great, err, play. With The Game back in Boston—the pub capital of the country, natch—strict ID enforcement and bloated alcohol fees will hinder Crimson efforts to score on Eli tight ends. Alas, the most action we’ll be seeing that weekend is the homoerotic tackling on the field.

—MMG and ZMS


A slew of Harvard College Democrats heeded Antonin Scalia’s advice at last weekend’s ‘Early ’90s’ dance in Eliot House, sponsored by The Harvard Independent. The Dems drank away their sorrows after a disappointing week for the Kerry campaign—and made out like Al and Tipper. . . .Notably absent from the Indy party: Rivers Cuomo, who provided much of the evening’s soundtrack but did not reply to the organizers’ invitation. . . . Florida retirees got for free what Harvard Law School students pay 30 grand a year for: Alan Dershowitz promoting his political views. Dershie joined Senator Chuck Schumer ’67 to kibitz for Kerry at a Florida synagogue last Sunday. Doesn’t he have classes to teach? . . . Hey, anyone seen Elvis Mitchell around here lately?

—MMG and ZMS


Af-Am and VES Visiting Lecturer Elvis Mitchell—a pillar of academic gravitas—on public radio’s Weekend Edition:

“Be quiet, baby. I got somebody on the phone. Put down that whip. No, some guy, Scott somebody or something. I don’t know.”

—MMG and ZMS