Crimson Selects New Leaders

132nd guard will include the largest executive board in recent years

The Harvard Crimson selected its new leadership Friday, appointing the largest executive board in recent years.

Lauren A.E. Schuker ’06 will serve as president of the 132nd guard of The Crimson, beginning next semester. Schuker follows current Crimson President Erica K. Jalli ’05—the first time in The Crimson’s history that two successive women have led the paper.

Stephen M. Marks ’06 will serve as managing editor and head The Crimson’s published content.

Gregory B. Michnikov ’06 and Evan M. Vittor ’06 will serve as co-business managers.

Six of the The Crimson’s nine administrative boards will have a women at the helm next year.

“I am very confident in the future leadership of The Harvard Crimson,” Jalli said. “The 132nd guard is an incredibly talented and motivated group of individuals who will ensure The Crimson remains at the forefront of collegiate journalism.”

Associate Managing Editors Katharine A. Kaplan ’06 and Rebecca D. O’Brien ’06 will lead the News Board; Michnikov and Vittor will lead the Business Board; Benjamin B. Chung ’06 will lead the Arts Board; Leigh S. Enoch ’06 and Irene Y. Sun ’07 will lead the Design Board; Morgan R. Grice ’06 and Alex Slack ’06 will lead the Editorial Board; Elizabeth W. Green ’06 and Jannie S. Tsuei ’06 will lead The Crimson’s weekend magazine, Fifteen Minutes; Robert R. McGrath ’07 will lead the Information Technology Board; Jessica E. Schumer ’06 and Paul M. Soper ’06 will lead the Photo Board; and Lisa J. Kennelly ’06 and Timothy J. McGinn ’06 will lead the Sports Board.