New Stationery Store Opens in Square

Papyrus will offer pens, paper and office supplies

Viktoria Slavina

A curious windowshopper looks at the display of Papyrus, a stationery-store chain that opened Friday on JFK Street in the Square.

The stationery store Papyrus moved into JFK Street on Friday, marking the opening of the company’s seventh store in the greater Boston area.

“Harvard Square is new to me, but I’m excited to be here,” said Rachel R. Bromberg, the store manager of Papyrus.

The decision to open in Harvard Square was prompted, Bromberg said, by the company’s desire for greater representation around Cambridge.

Papyrus offers stationery and gift products, including picture frames, writing utensils, gift wrap, greeting cards, decorative notebooks and alternative types of paper.

“I know scrapbookers that are looking for special types of natural paper. Stores like Papyrus cater to these people,” said Emily G. Chau ’08.

In addition to a variety of stationery products and customized printing, Papyrus will offer additional services through its website, including an online customized reminder service that will notify customers of special dates and holidays. The site also features an “etiquette and expertise” link, which provides hints as to the etiquette that is required for specific events and types of correspondence.

Many of the products, such as decorated pens, themed planners and address books, offer an innovative and fun approach to office supplies, shoppers browsing in the store yesterday said.

“My sister got me a flower pen from Papyrus, and everyone in the dorm compliments me for it,” said Chau.

Papyrus will compete with Bob Slate Stationer, a longstanding stationery and gift store on Massachusetts Avenue. But some students say that Papyrus’ wide variety of specialized products sets it apart.

“I would go to Papyrus for customized envelopes and greeting cards. I don’t think Bob Slate has that,” said Siena T. Koncsol ’08.