Facts and Myths About...

Ravi P. Ramchandani

Jannie S. Tsuei '06

CHAIR: Mollie H. Chen

Myth: Mollie hates all of humanity; that’s why her shoes are so pointy.

Fact: Mollie just hates you. But she loves shoes too much to make them an instrument of her violent wrath.

Myth: Mollie single-handedly makes this magazine come out every week. Without her, the piece of paper you’re holding would either not exist or self-destruct in 60 seconds.

Fact: Sometimes we get her coffee.

EDITOR: Sarah M. Seltzer


Myth: Sarah spends all of her time day-dreaming about being the Yoko to her bf’s John.

Fact: Sarah is the Yoko to her bf’s John. Duh!

Myth: Sarah has a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her face because she really loves life, loves you and loves the world.

Fact: You probably just said something stupid.

PROOFER: David B. Rochelson

Myth: Dave is a really nice guy who would never laugh at you when your computer crashed and destroyed all the hard work you had just accomplished.

Fact: Dave totally would. He just did it two seconds ago. What a punk!


Myth: Jason is an FM associate.

Fact: Jason was.