Mather-Kirkland House

In the midst of a vicious interhouse war involving the dastardly distribution of dead fish in doordrops and the nefarious thievery of beloved house banners, peace between the battling factions of Mather and Kirkland seems about as likely as a Bush-Kucinich presidential race. In the meantime, those troubled by the cloud of conflict can defer to a little glimmer of what could be, a veritable symbol of peace, in Austin, Tex.

Mather-Kirkland House, located on 402 Academy in the Lone Star capital, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as an establishment of “architectural/engineering” significance, as well as of “event” significance, though no event is specifically stated. A resounding embodiment of the Queen Anne and Stick/Eastlake architectural styles, the building served as a domestic, single dwelling facility, enjoying particular significance during the periods of 1875-1899 and 1925-1949 for an unstated reason. Today, the building remains vacant, perhaps inviting those Mather and Kirkland residents who find themselves no longer able to endure harsh wartime conditions.