July 4

7:04:36 p.m.: A Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officer was sent to the River Houses on a noise complaint of bells going off in the area. Officers arrived and established the bells were going off because of a wedding in the


July 5

4:56:25 a.m.: An officer was dispatched to Dane Hall on Everett St. on a report of an alarm clock going off in an adjacent room. The officer arrived and assisted the guard in shutting the alarm off.

July 6

6:33:30 p.m.: An officer was sent to Canaday Hall to take a report of a past sexual assault.

3:58:32 p.m. An HUPD officer was dispatched to the Holyoke Center on a report of a missing bookbag. When the officer arrived, the owner of the bag refused police assistance claiming they were going to look for the bag on their own.

July 7

4:17:37 p.m.: Officers were sent to the mail room at 219 Western Ave. to

investigate a report of a suspicious letter. Officers reported that the letter will be destroyed by the appropriate authorities.

July 8

1:06:27 a.m.: While conducting a check of the area around Apley Court, an officer came across a suspicious party. The officer arrested Jean Faldonie, 20, of Wilmington, Mass., on charges of trespassing and possession of marijuana.

3:44:22 p.m.: HUPD officers were dispatched to the Seely Mudd Building on Longwood Avenue to investigate a report of a suspicious lunch pail that was left in the area for an extended period of time. Officers confirmed that a party had forgotten the lunch pail and all was in order.

7:27:16 p.m.: Officers were sent to the Museum of Comparative Zoology on a report of a party acting suspiciously in the building. A foot pursuit ensued

and the officers caught and arrested Scott Neister, 33, of Barnstead, N.H., for disorderly conduct and trespassing.

July 9

12:53:05 p.m.: An officer was dispatched to Weld Boathouse on a report of two parties docking their boats without permission.

11;21:19 p,.m.: Officers encountered a group of individuals at 110 Brattle St.

who stated they were just assaulted. Officers notified Cambridge Police

Department (CPD) officers, who arrived and took over the scene. About 15 minutes later, HUPD officers assisted CPD officers in locating suspects from the incident, and CPD arrested one suspect.

July 10

2:51:04 a.m.: An officer was sent to Adams House on a report of several loud parties on the roof making noise. The officer reported a proctor arrived and all was well.

11:31:14 a.m.: An HUPD officer was sent to Bolyston Hall on a report of

individuals filming in the Yard. An officer determined that the film crew will be here for the summer and has authorization to be in the Yard.