Are You Ready For Some...Drama?

The Jets and The Falcons won’t be the only two teams facing off next Monday night. The battle lines have been drawn between two television-seeking camps whose shows both air at 10 p.m.: fans of MTV’s Laguna Beach versus NFL aficionados. The worst situations have occurred in freshman dorms where there is only one television; among these are heated exchanges in Matthews and Greenough common rooms.

Though the partisans make attempts to understand the other side, they still express their preferences strongly.

“I am not faulting those in the predominantly female community for having an obsession with Laguna Beach,” says Greenough resident Alex R. Breaux ’09. “But when compared to live, real football, America’s sport, mind you, I don’t think Laguna Beach holds a candle to MNF.”

Laguna Beach viewers, of course, argue otherwise. “Football is only entertaining when the Patriots are playing, but Laguna Beach is always entertaining,” says Kate C. Donelan ’08, a Currier resident. She and other Currier devotees of Laguna Beach often rush down to reserve viewing space at around 9:40 p.m. and even then are not guaranteed a TV in the main hall.

As long as Harvard’s dorm rooms remain cableless, such televisions tiffs will persist. But perhaps watching meatheads and ditzes battle over the TV is better than any prime-time show.