Urban Uncovered

Urban Outfitters’ Bargain Basement may have the cheapest style in the Square, but sometimes it’s a bit hit-or-miss. FM has waded through the leftover XXLs and XXSs to bring you some staples of fall fashion.

After you’ve put your T-shirts and polos into winter storage, yet before you’ve recovered those down jackets, you might consider sporting a track jacket. It won’t keep you from safe from wind, rain, or snow—but fashion before function, right? Despite its functional failure, it will look great with a vintage tee and jeans.

These nippy temperatures make it unbearable to wear anything too revealing, so layer up. That low cut knit tank top will mesh nicely with something under it to keep in some of the heat.

Checkered button-down shirts are the modern update of the 90’s plaid shirt staple, so if you long to return to your 90’s days, pick up any sort of patterned shirt in the bargain basement. You can’t really go wrong. Also, before the weather makes hats necessary, try one for style rather than functionality.