Workers Could Enjoy Leverett Eye Candy

Leverites who enjoy the occasional nude studying binge in their rooms might want to consider covering up.

Students in Leverett House recently received an e-mail warning them to keep their curtains closed to protect their own privacy as construction of new graduate housing continues near Leverett G Tower. “There has been some concern from the construction project behind G-tower about Leverett residents not being very careful regarding their private activities,” wrote Leverett House Building Manager Paul Hegarty.

This cautionary message was the second sent by Hegarty since construction began in August. What prompted the second notice, you ask? Had there been some incident? Had some poor Leverett girl or boy been—gasp!—ogled?

Hegarty gave his assurance that nothing had happened, but that the potential for an embarrassing (read: naked) situation did exist. “I was just down at the construction site and it is very easy to look into people’s rooms. It could be possible for some of the guys [construction workers] to see stuff they’re not supposed to see. I don’t think the kids are as aware sometimes as they should be.” He added, “We just want to look out for everyone involved—including the construction workers.” They, however, had no comment.

But besides scoping some hot Harvard bod and maybe seeing some drab suites, what could a worker possibly view inside Leverett towers?

“There was one girl last year who would strip down and splatter herself against the window and scare people…just for kicks,” reported Leverite Marissa C. Carrio, ’06. Not even a hard hat will protect you from that.