Seniors: Six Months Left To Find a Husband

Six figure salary next year? Check. Captain of three different sports teams? Score. Darling of the Hist and Lit Department? Oh yeah.

Blissfully in love? No? Then according to Nancy L. Slotnick ’89, you’re seriously missing out.

According to Slotnick, author of the forthcoming “Turn Your Cablight On: Get Your Dream Man in 6 Months or Less,” Harvard’s best resource for women is its dating pool.

“At Harvard are some of the best catches you’ll ever find,” she says, without a hint of sarcasm.

With six months left till Commencement, the book couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. How to go in for the kill? “Don’t flinch,” Slotnick advises. “When you have a window of opportunity, grab it.”

“Turn Your Cablight On” outlines a complete strategy. Women should spend 15 hours a week on their pursuit, she says; you can’t expect success unless you make your love life a priority. Smiling is good, and so is showing a little “vulnerability and openness”—that’s the way to make a relationship more than a flirtation.

Crimson advice columnist Nicole B. Urken ’07 advocates a different approach.

“To successfully snag a mate—whether in college or beyond—you need to avoid exuding a sense of desperation,” Urken writes in an e-mail. “And the best way to do this follows simple logic: Don’t Be Desperate. Focus on the things that you enjoy, and the rest will come naturally. Trying to force something can have damaging consequences.”

Maybe Urken’s right—but then again, she’s probably never turned her cablight on.