Who's It Going To Be?

Grads, UC vets share their analyses, reactions, thoughts on the presidential election

The flurry of endorsements, open-list arguments, and alleged infractions ends today. After voting for the Undergraduate Council (UC) presidential elections closes at 11:59 a.m., the three tickets of Grimland-Hadfield, Haddock-Riley, and Voith-Gadgil can only await the results with bated breath. FM chatted with former UC insiders to see if they could predict the outcome—let’s see how they stack up:

“I think that Dean Gross will throw his hat in the ring and pull off a last-minute upset. He’s been eyeing that job for years now.”
­—Matthew W. Mahan ’05, former UC president

“My impression is that John Haddock and Annie Riley are going to win by about 400 votes. It seems like they’re the only ones who have put forth ideas that seem to be catching on. It sounds like Magnus and Tom just aren’t convincing people that they’re serious enough—that they’ve thought things through. From what I’ve read, it seems like John and Tara were not very impressive at the debate and in other contexts where they had to defend their platforms and their records.”
—Joshua A. Barro ’05, former UC finance committee chair and an unsuccessful candidate for UC president in 2003

“I think endorsements are both key and indicative. On the strength of the Black Students Association endorsement (given that the BSA is an extremely active group on campus) and on the strength of the Dems endorsement (given that in the macroworld you have a Republican administration in the White House with waning approval numbers), and based on the fact that this other ticket [Voith-Gadgil] that seems to have some good traction has two groups coming out against them right now, I think that it’s going to be the Dems- and BSA-endorsed ticket [Haddock-Riley] that will win.”
—Mark A. Price ’98, former UC vice-president

“Wait, Zac Corker isn’t running?”
—Rohit Chopra ’04, former UC president