Haddock-Riley Celebrate Victory in Currier

As Election Commission Chair Michael B. Love ’08 announced the winners of this year’s presidential and vice-presidential Undergraduate Council (UC) election, Haddock-Riley supporters cheered “mandate” in Currier House’s packed Tuchman Living Room last night.

Winning 59 percent of the first-round votes, John S. Haddock ’07 and Annie R. Riley ’07 received a simple majority in their race for UC president and vice-president.

“It was really a mandate,” said Josh Patashnik ’07, campaign manager for Haddock-Riley. “The study body was receptive to our message of refocusing on student groups and HoCo’s. That’s what this election was all about.”

Before Love’s arrival, supporters snacked on Swedish fish and red and green holiday goldfish—a nod to Haddock’s last name—as they anxiously awaited the election results in Currier.

Chrix E. Finne ’07 walked around the room blowing the plastic red “Horn of Gondor” that he has sounded in front of the Science Center every day this week to draw attention to the Haddock-Riley posters.

Fliers taped to the walls in Tuchman Living Room showed pictures of the campaign’s “stunt squad” displaying their “fannies for Annie” in Speedos and a long-haired Haddock representing the child of Haddock and Riley “if they mated.”

At approximately 9:15 p.m., Love arrived to announce the results, accompanied by the Harvard Glee Club, which sang “Domine Salvum Fac” to a beaming Haddock.

Crowds of supporters jumped and embraced each other, shouting, “I love you, John Haddock.” Many students laughed, and a few cried.

When Love announced Haddock-Riley’s sweeping victory, Matthew R. Greenfield ’08 lifted Patashnik in the air.

He and others proceeded to drench Haddock and Riley in champagne.

“You guys are unbelievable. My eyes are stinging like crazy,” Haddock said.

Yesterday night’s celebration was held in honor of the Haddock-Riley campaign staff, according to Eric I. Kouskalis ’07, one of Haddock’s blockmates.

The e-mail invitation—sent to all 436 members of the Haddock-Riley Campaign’s facebook group and more than 100 campaign volunteers—was billed as “a thank you party that may become a celebration or not,” Kouskalis said.

“You are the ones who made this happen, unconditionally,” Riley said in her victory speech.

Haddock and Riley thanked a few members of their campaign team specially, crediting Patashnik for their campaign’s success.

“All of this is because of you,” Riley told Patashnik.

They also thanked other key members of their staff, including Ryan A. Petersen ’08—the “comic relief”—and Greenfield, who Haddock said reminds him of his father.

Haddock and Riley wrapped up their victory speeches as Queen’s “We Are the Champions” began to play.

Supporters said they were pleasantly surprised by the large margin.

“It reaffirmed my faith in the Harvard student body,” Finne said.

Joseph L. Badaracco, Shad professor of business ethics and co-master of Currier House, said Haddock is the first Quad student to be elected UC President. “This is history in the making,” Badaracco said.