Soaps Go Head to Head

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The Cast of the OC.

With a hip soundtrack and a cast packed with attractive members of Harvard’s thespian elite, Ivory Tower is developing a burgeoning undergrad fan base. The latest episode of the Harvard sitcom, which claims to be “redefining America’s soap opera,” features rule-breaking romance and sinisterly flirtatious freshmen. But will the back-stabbing, scandals, and sexscapades of the Harvardian specimen ever rival the creme de la creme of self-indulgent, mindless programming—that is, The OC? FM investigates.

Hottest Hang Out:

The OC The Bait Shop, hot lesbians serving juice cocktails

Ivory Tower The Wasp Club, collar popping cokeheads

Hottest Publication:

The OC Newport Living, Julie Cooper's OC scandal rag


Ivory Tower The Vermillion, way better than The Vindy

Hottest Hottie:

The OC Ryan Atwood, kid from wrong side of tracks

Ivory Tower Kevin Sudbay, studly Law School TF

Hottest Health Issue:

The OC Heartattack, non-family feud

Ivory Tower Coma, Harvard stalkers ain't so smart

Hottest Self-Help:

The OC Vodka and OJ, pre-sunrise

Ivory Tower Room 12.5, post-sunset

Hottest Make-Out Spot:

The OC The pier, snogging and swimming

Ivory Tower The stacks, sex and studying