Shit, and the Harvard Prof who Steals It

This isn’t the first time that Monrad Professor of Economics, Martin L. Weitzman has been caught up in crap. In addition to allegedly stealing manure, Weitzman showed an interest in excrement in Economics 1025: “Theory of Income and Capital. “

As The Crimson reported last week, Weitzman was arrested for stealing poo from a privately owned farm in Rockport, Mass. Though the motivation behind his alleged crimes remains a mystery, one student sat down with FM to take a load off the situation.

“The only time I ever heard Prof. Weitzman talk about horse manure before was in the context of New York City drowning in it at the turn of the last century,” the student said. “People didn’t know how to get rid of that stuff back then.”

Weitzman would’ve been able to take some of it into his private collection, had he been around. According to the owner of the Rockport farm, Weitzman has stolen manure amounting to $600 over the past few years. When the professor was allegedly caught in the act, he was more than knee deep in it.