A $400 Kiss

“Saved by the Bell”’s Zach Morris is sold at the auction block

He made more money playing Zack Morris on “Saved by the Bell,” but in an impromptu appearance at the Quincy House Auction over the weekend, Mark-Paul Gosselaar won not only $400 for the People’s House but a hot kiss.

Gosselaar was hanging out in Quincy with his wife, Lisa Ann Russell, a close friend of Quincy’s Assistant Senior Tutor, Judith Flynn Chapman, when students started to spot the television star of their childhoods.

Members of Quincy HoCo took the opportunity to expand the program of their house auction. Gosselaar graciously offered to put up a kiss and a game of poker for popular bidding. Asked who would get to kiss or be kissed, he responded, “I’d rather do the kissing.”

When the bidding war quickly reached hundreds of dollars, Gosselaar threw in autographed photos of himself from NYPD Blue, his latest digs. The contest—in the end, between Jaime Davila ’07, and Crimson editors J. Patrick Coyne ’07, Paul M. Soper ’06 and Timothy J. McGinn ’06—ultimately went to Davila and Coyne, who took the poker game for themselves and gifted the kiss to blockmate Melissa M. Trahan ’07.

The sophomores enjoyed their two hours of Texas Hold ‘Em.

“I ended up winning 16 bucks off MPG,” said Coyne. Davila wasn’t as lucky, but enjoyed the experience all the same.

“He really was a down-to-earth guy and was incredibly gracious and talkative the whole night,” said Davila. “I guess that ultimately I’m just upset that I lost a hand with pocket Kings.”

But the boys didn’t just win a couple of hands; Gosselaar was quite forthcoming with his Saved by the Bell gossip, revealing that he dated all three of his female co-stars. Four hundred dollars well spent.