New Fun Czar

Hunting Haan: FM follows Dean-to-be of Student Life

Anna Lonyai

Before beginning a new career, it is important to get on-the-job training. That was the logic behind Justin Haan ’05’s Friday night last weekend.

Dealing with constantly flowing beer, media attention, and pay checks that count pub nights as work demands careful advanced planning. So future Fun Czar Haan spent Friday night trailing Zachary A Corker ’04, the current Dean for Special Programming, at Senior Pub Night.

FM tagged along, too, surreptitiously shadowing the future of Harvard fun.

10:35 p.m. Haan enters Loker Commons. He heads over to the over-21 table to pick up a bracelet. Next year, after he takes over for Corker, he may be forced to pull a Corker and stick to bottled water. Best to fill up on Loker booze while he can.

11:15p.m. CIT (Czar-in-Training) Haan catches up with Corker by the pool tables towards the back of Loker Commons. The two briefly discuss the success of Pub Night and potential changes that might draw an even larger crowd to future events. Haan runs some of his own ideas for next year by Corker, and they decide to meet up next week for a meeting to ensure a smooth transition along the “fun czar” dynasty.

11:56p.m. After enjoying some more of the party scene, Haan and Corker meet up for a few more minutes. They survey the crowd and discuss business—fun business, that is.

12:30a.m. Haan peaces out of the party half an hour early, leaving Corker to finish up the job.

12:35a.m. In true Harvard fashion, Haan finishes up his night snacking on a burrito made to order at Felipe’s Tacqueria. A few party-weary students stumble in behind him and waste no time in exposing Justin’s campus celebrity standing. “Hey! Aren’t you the new fun czar? Do something fun!” The speaker’s friends look on eagerly, waiting for some sort of performance by Haan. He modestly shakes his head, and finishes up his late-night snack, which is probably fun, but mostly just for him.