AACF: socialize with us

Asian American Christian Fellowship

The Harvard Radcliffe Christian Fellowship and AACF are two sides of the same coin. Affiliated with the same national organization, these two non-denominational sister fellowships—groups of Christians who gather regularly for Bible study groups and worship sessions­—are run separately but often hold joint events.

Both hold Friday Large Groups, opportunities for speakers to share their experiences and fellowship members to worship and pray together. After Large Groups, members can stick around for After-Fellowship Activities (AFAs). Previous AFAs have included movie nights, creative formals, and trips to the North End for Mike’s Pastry goodness.

One-on-one conversations are also a big deal. Members of the fellowships emphasize building individual relationships with each other. They get together for meals, bubble tea, and marathon “24” sessions. And a Thanksgiving dinner always happens at 20 Banks Street, the residence of many HRCF and AACF grads who help lead the fellowships.