HRSFA: socialize with us

Harvard Radcliffe Science Fiction Association

Despite its name, HRSFA is not all about science fiction. Its weekly gatherings organized around specific activities (Special Interest Groups, or SIGs) range from video-game sessions to Smallville viewings. HRSFA (pronounced “hurs-fa”) also has many monthly, semesterly, and annual events, such as the monthly “Milk and Cookies,” a Saturday night on which members read short stories of their own choosing out loud. Because these events are regularly scheduled and sent out over an e-mail list, anyone can choose to go to specific activities (their “special interests”) but not to others.

Members of HRSFA (or HRSFen, pronounced “hurs-fen”) also just hang out. They “work in company”­—sit in a JCR with homework, do a little of it, and start chatting­—and also go on spontaneous Kong runs. “None of us drink [at the Kong], so I guess we go for the food,” co-chair Noam Lerer ’07 says, tongue-in-cheek. Apparently it’s all about the “big tables” around which many people can gather and engage in “metaphysical conversations.”