May 6:

4:05 p.m.—A Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officer reported spotting a wanted motor vehicle at 360 Western Ave. The officer checked for any wants and warrants for the driver—a search which proved successful. Erin M. Casoli, 22, of Saugus, Mass., was then placed under arrest because of an outstanding warrant.

9:10 p.m.—An officer reported to Vanderbilt Hall in response to an alleged assault in which the victim claimed that he or she had been slapped on the hand. A report was filed.

May 7:

1:59 a.m.—An officer reported to 1350 Mass. Ave. to investigate a series of mailboxes on the sidewalk which had been knocked down, reportedly, by a person. The perpetrator could not be found. The mailboxes were picked up and placed in their original position.

2:06 a.m.—Officers were sent to the Science Center because of a report concerning three individuals who had been “checking out” the bicycle racks. By the time the officers had arrived, the perpetrators had left the scene.

May 8:

2:19 a.m.—An officer was sent to investigate the theft of a laptop computer at Peabody Terrace. The stolen silver Dell computer was worth $1,800.

11:50 p.m.—HUPD officers reported the presence of two people wanted by Boston Police Department (BPD) regarding an assault and battery that had just taken place on Lansdowne St. BPD officers identified the suspects and proceeded to place them under arrest.

May 9:

2:23 a.m.—A report concerning a bus that had been lingering in the vicinity of Dunster House for nearly 30 minutes led officers to the area. The driver had been waiting for a group and promised to depart shortly.

5:28 p.m.—An officer was dispatched to William James Hall in response to the theft of an unattended and unsecured white, Apple iBook. The stolen laptop computer was valued at $1,000.

6:55 p.m.—A report of an “offensive” doll hanging outside of a Wigglesworth window led officers to the Yard. The officers had the doll brought inside.

May 10:

10:55 a.m.—An officer was stopped by an employee of a Square establishment and alerted of a theft that had just occurred, in which the suspects were still in the area. The employee pointed out the perpetrators, who were stopped by HUPD officers and ultimately arrested by Cambridge Police Department (CPD) officers.

6:09 p.m.—An officer investigated the theft of a pink and brown handbag that had been stolen at Au Bon Pain. It, along with its contents, was worth a total of $412.