Sunday Brunch Will Never be the Same

Corey M. Rennell

The chasers

It’s Saturday morning and that sparrow-turned-jackhammer outside your window is turning your head inside out. The pacifying effects of last-night’s Felipe’s burrito are gone. As you lie in agony once again, you think to yourself, “There must be a better way!”

Enter the oh-so-cleverly named “Chaser” product line, Living Essentials’ homeopathic answer to your pathetic hangover-driven whining. Promising to prevent hangovers if taken before drinking, Chaser Plus seems like the savior you recently realized “wake and bake” isn’t. And the price should be a little more reasonable, too; 10 caplets are available for just $5.69 at CVS.

Included among Chaser’s active ingredients are Cinchona 12x (for throbbing head, noise sensitivity), Nux vom 12x (for light sensitivity), and Quercus gland sp 6x (for dry mouth and throat).