The whole Breakfast at Tiffany’s thing is so overdone­­—so one clever Quincyite dressed up as Harvard’s own celebutante, Erica S. Birmingham ’06, for Quincy Golf.

Birmingham was psyched to hear that her legend lives on, and sent us a pic of her Halloween costume as a busty St. Pauli lass.

At the Signet on Friday night, a certain Hasty Pudding Theatricals producer waved to a friend...inadvertently whacking a Signette in the eye. 20 minutes of tears and condolences ensued.

Earlier that night, the same producer passed off a Wellesley chick to a “large man” from Kirkland. She later ended up in a puddle of her own vomit outside an Eliot House party. An ambulance and HUPD arrived to escort her to the hospital they fondly refer to as “The Mount.”

The Halloween puke chronicles continued at the Owl where a large fuzzy bear (!) threw up all over herself in the courtyard.

Last weekend a B.U. sorority of dubious moral fiber brought its own decorations to a mixer with the aforementioned club. The sisters’ poster read “Save a Horse, Ride an Owl Boy.”

A Crimson editorial board sophomore dressed in ever-popular Peter Pan garb poked a fellow Ed boarder in the eye while brandishing a plastic sword at the Crimson’s somber Halloween fete. He followed that triumph by yelling at sex blogger Lena Chen “Do you know who I am?” and also “I read your blog.” Bet she’s never gotten that pick-up line before.

Some Quincy seniors dressed as Harlem Globetrotters practiced routines for the AD, and rounded off the night attempting to pilfer cookie dough from the Grille.

Also: cops came to Story Street!

And: the Lampoon had a party!

The Christmas decor at FM’s resident misogynist’s house was featured in this month’s Milwaukee Home Magazine.