Top Five Movies of 2006 that I Want to Wear

1. Feathers and beads, “Apocalypto”: A constant reminder that even if you’ve made mistakes in life—drunk-driving arrests, anti-Semitic tirades, “Lethal Weapon 4”—you can still make millions of dollars in Hollywood.

2. Al Gore’s sensibly casual suit, “The Inconvenient Truth”: What environmentally conscious 19-year-old wouldn’t want to be Al Gore for a day? Add a “Give ‘em hell Al!” Marc Jacobs tote, and you’re ready to combat global warming, one carbon emitting clothing company at a time.

3. Miranda Priestly’s Dennis Basso black mink coat and Prada handbag, “The Devil Wears Prada”: Every girl needs at least one PETA-offending outfit.

4. Borat Sagdiyev’s Brigitewear thong swimsuit, “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”: Kidding!

5. Olive Hoover’s brontosaurus t-shirt and matching red cowboy boots, “Little Miss Sunshine”: The perfect combination of childhood innocence and sex appeal, for the superfreak in me, but really, for the superfreak in all of you.

—Lindsay A. Maizel ’09 is the incoming Movies editor. She is, in fact, a superfreak.

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