15 Gifts Under 15 Bucks!

Ria S. Tobaccawala

1) For your calorie-counting girlfriend: a Finale’s 4-inch cake (Who cares that it’s bite-sized? It’s not like she’ll finish it anyway) $12.00.

2) For your fellow Owl member: a beer belt from Newbury Comics, $14.99.

3) For your ex: a $15.00 gift certificate to About Hair (a two-for-one special, a bad haircut, and guaranteed uneasiness).

4) For your friend at Boston University: “How to Transfer to the College of Your Choice” from the Harvard Book Store, $12.95.

5) For that nerdy perv in your entryway: a book of Sudo-Fuk-U from Urban Outfitters, $12.99.

6) For your mom: a Harvard Mug from the Harvard Shop (for the fourth year in a row), $9.00.

7) For your alumnus father: a strand of flashing Christmas lights from CVS to adorn that Harvard diploma of his, $9.99.

8) For the fashionista: a $15 gift certificate to Mint Julep, which will buy her...nothing.

9) For the wannabe musician: an hour lesson with the man who plays the erhu in the Square, $13.75.

10) For the image-conscious Hist and Lit concentrator: a Starbucks paper cup to compliment her Uggs and Burberry scarf, $0.20.

11) For your vegan blockmate: 11 Optimum Energy Blueberry Flax Soy meal replacement bars from the Vitamin Shoppe, $14.66.

12) For your boyfriend: a pair of earrings from Zinnia (for when he forgets to buy you a gift), $6.99.

13) Make your own model kit for molecular bio (marshmallows and toothpicks from CVS), $2.50.

14) For your friend at Yale: a Harvard static sticker from the Coop, $4.98.

15) For that person you forget about until last minute: 15 copies of Spare Change Times, $15.00.