Hey, Rivers Cuomo! What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

While HUDS served ribs, Rivers Cuomo ’99-’06 dished out love advice. The recently-engaged Weezer frontman sat down with FM over dinner last Saturday night to chat about this week’s lover’s holiday.

Fifteen Minutes: Do you have any plans this Valentine’s Day?

Rivers Cuomo: Well, I’m engaged. My fiancée’s in Japan, so I won’t be seeing her for Valentine’s Day. It’s the first Valentine’s Day that we’ve been together, so I’m not used to having somebody at Valentine’s. I’m not sure what to do. I guess I’ll call her. It also happens to be the anniversary of my band getting together. That’ll be our 14th anniversary.

FM: So are you going to do anything special with your band?

RC: No, but I think I’ll probably think about them and have a warm feeling in my heart. Maybe we’ll exchange e-mails or something. We’re not into celebrating too much, but we’ll probably say something to each other, acknowledge it. Have a warm feeling in our hearts.

FM: Do you have any plans for the wedding?

RC: I think it’s going to be on my birthday. It’s funny—doubling up holidays again.

FM: How did you meet?

RC: We met in Boston actually. It was in ’97. I did some solo performances around town. Once I played at the Middle East. And at that time she was in college in Boston. She came to the show.

FM: How long have you been romantically involved?

RC: I’ve known her for eight years. I started thinking about her last March, like seriously thinking, “Maybe she’s the one.” And then I started calling her. I proposed to her in Tokyo right before Christmas.

FM: Do you have any advice for Harvard undergraduates who might be looking for love this Valentine’s Day?

RC: My advice would be: maybe they already know that someone special. It might not be someone new you’re looking for.